At Tilley Mediation, we are committed to bringing trusted, reliable, and solution-oriented mediation in both a cost-effective and timely manner. We build real relationships with our clients and always look to respect the needs of those we work alongside. This enables us to create a safe and solution-focused environment for our clients to find resolution and work towards a better future for everyone involved.

Practicing as an Accredited Family Law Specialist for over 40 years before focusing on mediation, Bruce is able to bring that wealth of experience to the process.


It was the ancient Greeks who provided some of the very first uses of mediation in western culture. Their ideal was that private mediation could solve the problems at hand by self determination rather than have an outcome imposed upon them. It is this dedication to dispute resolution that we still practice today, and that Bruce takes into every mediation.

“Thank you for so respectfully and skilfully conducting my mediation. If I may say so, I thought the skills you brought to the table were the exact fit for the job at hand.” – Julian